Ask Dr. Weaver/Robison/Rabe

At what age should my child begin orthodontic treatment?
Every child should see an orthodontist by age 7 but whether they need treatment varies depending on the child.
Do teeth ever straighten out naturally?
It is possible for teeth to straighten naturally and there are also things we could do to help teeth straighten naturally.
What do you do during my first orthodontic examination?
We will conduct an oral exam, a radiologic exam, take photographs and then visit with the patient to see what kind of goals they have.
Does everyone need to have teeth removed for braces?
Not everyone needs to have teeth removed for braces.
How long do I have to wear my braces?
Usually patients wear them for 18 months on average.  Sometimes patients can see a noticeable change within the first few months…depending on the case and where their problem areas are.
How often will I be required to schedule an appointment once I have braces?
Patients will need to schedule an appointment about every six to eight weeks.
How many times do I need to schedule follow-up appointments once my braces are removed?
Once braces are removed, there is usually we schedule a recall after 3 months for the first year and 6 months for the second year.
Can I schedule appointments after work or school?
Patients may schedule appointments for after work or after school.
Do you allow parents to drop off kids for their appointments?
Are braces painful?  What if my child will not co-operate?
Braces can be a slightly uncomfortable but for the most part they are relatively painless.  We are well trained and experienced in calming the anxieties of our patients and getting everyone to co-operate, especially our young patients.
Do you use recycled braces?
Are shots required?
No shots are required for braces.  For other procedures yes…but very few.
Can braces be removed for an occasion like a wedding or prom?  If so, is it expensive to do that?
Braces can be taken off anytime.
Do I still need to go to my dentist while I have braces?
Yes we would really like to emphasize the importance of continuing to see your dentist throughout treatment.
Will you show me how to care for my teeth while wearing braces?
It is important to continue to see your general dentist for overall oral heath and especially for hygiene because when you have braces it’s a little harder to keep things clean.  We do have a hygienist on staff that can show you how to care for your teeth during your treatment.
Can I still chew gum or eat my favorite foods like pizza?
We have a have a list of foods that are highly discouraged including: toffee, gum, nuts popcorn, hard candy, etc.  The idea behind that is to prevent brackets from getting dislodged.
Do a lot of adults get braces?
A lot of adults are getting braces and with many types of discreet treatment options such as Clarity, Invisalign and Lingual braces; we are seeing increased volume in the amount of adult orthodontic patients that are deciding to go with treatment.
Can I wear braces if I’ve had previous dental work like crowns, veneers or bonding?
You can use braces for if you have had previous dental work performed.  We have many different kinds of treatment methods that can address your particular situation.
Can you combine different types of braces like Invisalign for top teeth and metal braces for the bottom row of teeth?
Yes you can combine different types of braces and we do it all the time.  We are very good at providing the patient with all the treatment options that would benefit them and let them decide how they want to be treated.