In-Ovation® braces are high-tech, self-ligating brackets, which allow more control during treatment than traditional brackets. In-Ovation braces are smaller in size, making them much more comfortable. The major advantage is that they are more efficient due to having a built-in clip that holds the wires in place without the need for wire or elastic ties. This also makes the appointment times much shorter.   The self-ligating clip allows the teeth to move faster due to reduced friction on the wire as it slides. Because the wire is held into the brace more ideally, our patients do not have to have appointments as frequently as with traditional braces (every 6-8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks)


In addition, self-ligation uses a free-sliding technology that place is almost no pressure on the teeth as it gently corrects the alignment. Less pressure means more comfortable treatment.  With In-Ovation free-sliding braces, treatment can proceed faster with fewer adjustment visits than with traditional braces. Self-ligating brackets are also more hygienic and easier to clean.

With In-Ovation® You Can Have…

  • Natural-looking smile during treatment
  • Fewer office visits
  • Increased comfort
  • Faster results
  • Shorter appointments
  • Less plaque and tarter build-up

Attractive Advantages For You

In-Ovation comes in different styles that look great and are comfortable to wear. Ask your Dr. JAW Orthodontists which In-Ovation bracket is best for you! InOvation-R-et-InOvation-C-Orthodontiste-Chamberland-Quebec-300x158

  • In-Ovation® R is smaller and has a lower profile than other self-ligating brackets. With no elastic or metal ties, you will have less irritation, less plaque build-up, and less difficulty keeping your teeth clean.
  • In-Ovation® C is a translucent ceramic bracket that offers fast and comfortable treatment with the added benefit of high aesthetics.