We want to help you achieve your dream smile!

In 1986, Dr. James A. Weaver established the premier private orthodontic practice in Tucson, Arizona. You may have noticed that Dr. Weaver’s initials are J.A.W. — hence the practice’s name! Dr. Laura Robison-Rabe, one of Tucson’s only female orthodontists, joined the practice in 2007, and Dr. Kyle Rabe followed soon after to continue the legacy of being a top orthodontic specialist in Tucson.

Our orthodontists, Drs. James Weaver, Laura Robison-Rabe and Kyle Rabe, believe that obtaining a beautiful, healthy smile is only one of the benefits of the JAWSOME experience you’ll have as one of our patients. We offer our guests the highest quality orthodontic treatment options available while providing unsurpassed personalized care in a fun and engaging atmosphere. We love to have a great time and our culture is reflected in our “BE JAWSOME” attitude.

We treat patients of all ages and needs! Whether you are interested in bringing in your 7-year-old or busy teenager for an initial complimentary consultation, or you’re finally taking care of yourself, we’d love to welcome you to our JAWSOME family at Dr. JAW Orthodontists!