Beautiful smiles, reduced treatment times


Dr. JAW Orthodontists invests in revolutionary technology, including AcceleDent® and PROPEL® accelerated treatment options that can dramatically decrease treatment time. Dr. JAW Orthodontists and our highly trained staff leverage these innovations to transform patients’ smiles dramatically, quickly and gently.



Committed to non-surgical accelerated orthodontics? Willing to put daily effort into your treatment? Acceledent offers an easy and gentle way to reduce treatment times by up to 40%. With gentle vibrations created by a comfortable, hands-free, oral device called the Acceledent Aura, your teeth will begin to move more quickly into the preferred position. It requires daily discipline but provides dramatic, non-surgical results for the right candidates.


A form of accelerated osteogenic orthodontic treatment, PROPEL Orthodontics is an exciting new procedure that increases the rate of tooth alignment. It works alongside existing treatments such as braces or aligners to accelerate the process in a safe, controlled way.

The procedure uses a process called Alveocentesis™. The technology stimulates cytokine activity which speeds up alveolar bone remodeling. What this essentially means is that the PROPEL tool speeds up the process of tooth movement by stimulating cellular activity. So rather than spending two  year or 18 months in treatment, by using PROPEL  we can achieve the same results in half the time.

Older patients can uniquely benefit from PROPEL. As we know, adult patients take more time to realign teeth because bone is slower to regenerate. PROPEL changes all that as Alveocentesis works on people of all ages.

The treatment is relatively painless and needs no recovery time. Which is good news for all of us!

Our accelerated treatment systems are designed to reduce the length of your orthodontic treatment all while providing amazing results. If you are interested in straighter teeth in a shorter time we invite you to call our orthodontic offices in Tucson, Oro Valley and Sahuarita, Arizona and to set up your appointment with an orthodontic specialist today.

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